Lambent Caves

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Lambent Caves


This is a game inspired by breakout and pinball. You use paddles to keep multiples rocks in the air and receive points for each time a rock hits the hexagon in the center. The more rocks you have at one time the larger your multiplier is when a rock hits the hexagon. In the Arcade level, as your score increases and reaches certain milestones you will get different a faster moving rock each time the hexagon counter reaches ten.nnFor the most part this is just another experiment and I had a lot of fun designing the graphics for it and I'm really happy with how it turned out. One warning though, there are two options on the start of the game, Levels and Arcade. Levels was more of a test and the full game is really in the Arcade.nnI appreciate any and all comments or ratings and hope you enjoy the game. The control system for this game is a bit tricky to get used to so it will take some time.nnMove your mouse left and right to control one paddle.nnMove your mouse up and down to control the other.nnUse your scroll wheel to angle the hexagon in the center of the screen.nnYou can also left click or right click to fire a platform that will disappear when it collides with a rock. However this is kinda buggy so sometimes it floats around. nnGood Luck!

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